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Aerial Lift & Telehandler Rentals

Manlifts & Telehandlers

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Genie S-65 Manlifts

Aerial equipment lifts and moves workers vertically and/or horizontally to difficult places that are not typically accessible by other equipment. Telescopic booms offer greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial platform — perfect for areas with limited access in construction and industrial applications. Genie telescopic S booms are also designed for productivity with the traction and drive speed you need to get around the job site and to the work area.

Our Genie S-65 manlifts are roughly 22k lbs. machines. Safety Waivers are required at time of rental.

 Safety equipment is available with lift rentals upon request, including harnesses, hard hats and other safety equipment. Safety items are available at an additonal cost with rental. 

Telehandler Rentals

Telehandlers are multi-purpose machines that lift, move and place material. A telehandler — short for “telescopic handler” — is a variable reach rough terrain forklift truck. It is a multipurpose machine that accepts different attachments to lift, move and place materials ranging from bricks and gravel to lumber. These jobsite workhorses are often the first machines on the job and the last to leave because they can be used for many different applications.

Telehandlers are purpose-built for material handling and movement, and by attaching different accessories, these versatile machines are to adapt to a variety of worksite tasks, including staging initial materials at the start of job, lifting palletized and suspended loads and jobsite cleanup at the end of job.

Safety equipment is availavle with lift rentals upon request, including harnesses, hard hats and other safety equipment at an additional cost with your rental.


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