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Excavator Rentals

Available to rent:
-CAT 303 CR Mini (7600lbs.) Rubber track

-CAT 304 Mini Excavator (108oolbs) Rubber track
-CAT 305.5E Mini (12k lbs.) Rubber track
-CAT 308D (18k lbs.) Steel track

-CAT 314E (32k lbs.) Steel track with rubber pads
-CAT 316F (40k lbs.)

*Our CAT Mini Hydraulic Excavators deliver high performance, durability and versatility in a compact design to help you work in a variety of applications.

*The CAT 314E has everything it takes for a wide range of excavator tasks and it excels at demolition work. A steel tracked machine with rubber track pads, making this machine less damaging to concrete, pavement, or sensitive surfaces.

*The CAT 316F is our largest excavator available.

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