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Benefits of using rental equipment

Below are some reasons why using rental equipment could benefit you:

305.5 E2 Mini Excavator

No Maintenance repair costs

Contractors who rely on dependable, well-serviced heavy equipment rentals don’t have the continuous responsibility of repairs or maintenance that all heavy equipment requires to remain in good condition.

Owning your own construction equipment provides you with a capital asset but has the added factor of repair and maintenance costs to extend the equipment life cycle.

Contractors who rent heavy equipment from trusted suppliers can be confident that their equipment is always dependable and operates at peak performance. That’s because all repairs and servicing are done in-house by the owner who is a 

When you choose to rent equipment, you can avoid some of the following costs in both time and money:

  • Needing the building space to perform maintenance or repairs

  • Buying tools and equipment to keep up with repairs and maintenance

  • Finding and purchasing machine parts and stocking parts inventory

  • Covering labor costs

  • Managing equipment records, including hours of operation, wear and tear and parts replacements

In addition to the direct costs of repair and maintenance, nonproductive equipment time due to repair needs also could be very costly. Whenever construction equipment isn’t in use, it’s wasted time that erodes a project’s productivity and can cut into the contractor’s profit. For contractors who rent their equipment, the risk of interruptions in production time due to equipment repair needs is virtually eliminated.

CAT D5K2 Bulldozer

The right equipment for the job: Flexibility

Being locked into the wrong equipment for the job can put a large strain on your project. Equipment that’s too small for the job causes operators to double their efforts. With earthmoving equipment, for example, models with too small load capacities force operators to move materials in more trips than necessary compared to if they have access to equipment with higher load capacity.

On the other hand, equipment that’s too big for the job comes with more safety and operating concerns and can put workers and structures at unnecessary risk of injury or damage if used incorrectly.

Working with equipment that isn’t designed for your needs is inefficient and wastes time. When you rent equipment you can have access to a variety of different equipment with different capabilities. No two jobs are the same as you may know!

CAT excavator & skid steer

No need to worry about storage - Leave it to us!

Storage costs can quickly add up when running a business or just out of your own personal pocket. The more tools and equipment you own, the more space you need to protect and store it all. With increased need for space can come higher costs. In addition there's also the cost of insurance, security and monitoring that accompanies storing assets as valuable as construction equipment.
Renting equipment provides a huge benefit in keeping overhead costs low, including reducing the need for storage space. When you rent equipment, you return it when you’re done.


Delivery & moving of equipment

With any rental delivery will always be an option! You as a renter and customer of Pastore Rental Equipment Inc. do not have to worry about how you will get equipment from one job site to another or to your residential project, let us take care of the move for you!

Delivery Cost - $95/hr

*Please note - delivery is additional to the cost of the equipment rental by owner discretion based on piece of equipment and location of rental site.

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